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Welcome to the SOHO DEVELOPMENT website. SOHO DEVELOPMENT is a privately held real estate development, investment, and design firm headquartered in the Greater Los Angeles, California area.   

SOHO is a company with a strong vision, unique creativity, and unmatched integrity.  We have evolved from an environment that includes a strong urban influence, and our development philosophy centers on collaboration with a community first foundation and dedicated joint venture partners. Our Founder and CEO Tony DeAngelo has a long standing urban real estate design and development background in New York City, Los Angeles, the Midwestern United States, and across the USA.  Mr. DeAngelo has a unique combination of talents and has a broad national outlook on the design, development and financing of real estate projects and business enterprises.  Projects are consistently integrated together with multiple revenue streams and cross selling strategic expertise.  Some of his activities are highlighted on this website. 

We welcome you to learn more about our company’s services and award-winning projects, including the SOHO LOFTS, SOHO RETAIL CENTER, and the AMERICAN ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT CENTERSJoint venture partners for the new athletic development ventures include nationally recognized coaches, athletic enterprises, and sports figures.  

SOHO is also now offering LAND JOINT VENTURE partnership opportunities to existing landowners and developers who are looking to partner with SOHO for development of their land parcels and to maximize their existing vacant land for higher utilization and profitability.  We also provide joint venture partnership opportunities for URBAN REVITALIZATION and RURAL DEVELOPMENT.  We encourage you to follow the link and contact us for more information on how this can transform your profitability.



Business Development & Financing Affiliates:

Affiliate companies CAPITAL PARTNERS OF LOS ANGELES  and THE OXFORD GROUP, INC  are able to provide business development services, business plans, financing and nonprofit fund raising services to our clients and other business owners across the United States, with expanded services in Southern California and across Los Angeles County.  We can also assist you with business formation and strategic planning for existing businesses, turnarounds, and start-ups.    










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